Posted by Sundev on 22/07/2007.

Well we finally did it. After two weeks of sometimes grueling attempts, trying tons of different strats, and bringing in alts when we were short-handed, Pare Bellum finally downed Doomwalker. Lol.. No actually we one-shotted Doomwalker and downed Vashj! Great work and dedication over the past two weeks from everyone.

On to Kael!

Long Overdue Update

Posted by Sundev on 01/07/2007.

Eight new bosses down in the past 4 weeks, A'lar and Solarian dead on back-to-back days, it's been a crazy month! Pare Bellum is also now RECRUITING 4 Resto Shamans and 2 Mages for our continued progress in SSC and Tempest Keep. Apply now in the recruitment forums!

Keep reading below for our boss kills including screenshots.

High Astromancer Solarian

Posted by Sundev on 28/06/2007.

One night of attempts and we got Solarian. Couldn't have done it without our roster of amazing healers, great job guys!


Posted by Sundev on 27/06/2007.

What a waste of time phase 1 is! But a fun fight overall.

Leotheras the Blind

Posted by Sundev on 24/06/2007.

Took a while but we got him in the end.

Void Reaver

Posted by Sundev on 21/06/2007.

AKA Loot Reaver lives up to his name. It only took two attempts to down him for the first time.

Fathom-Lord Karathress...

Posted by Sundev on 10/06/2007.


Down Goes Lurker!

Posted by Sundev on 06/06/2007.

Not much to say. He's easy.

Pare Bellum recruiting

Posted by Lunedi on 14/06/2007.

Pare Bellum is currently looking to add 2 Resto Shamans 2 Holy Priests 2 Holy Paladins, and 1 Rogue to our raiding roster. Applicants are expected to meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Positive attitude towards raiding and raiding PROGRESS. End game progress should be something you crave. Not gear.
  • A good sense of humor. If you can't handle an off color joke from time to time, don't apply. Good cohesion between guild members is key to a guild's success and progress.
  • Tier 4 or equivalent blue gear. Your gear is expected to be fully enchanted and socketed with quality gems.
  • Self sufficient. You should be able to cover all costs associated to repairs, flasks and other consummables.
  • Be prepared. You are expected to always have consummables ready, and flasks when requested by raid leaders.
  • Eager to learn and open-minded enough to take criticism which at times may not be delivered in the most diplomatic fashion.
  • Willing to follow guidelines for attending raids.

Good luck to all applicants, I hope to be raiding with you soon.

Morogrim Tidewalker down!

Posted by Lunedi on 31/05/2007.

After just a limited number of attempts to find the strategy that worked best for us, Morogrim Tidewalker takes a fall flat on his face. Grats to Bueford and Vindica on their new shiny purples.

To be continued...

Magtheridon dead.

Posted by Attacus on 09/04/2007.

Congratulations everyone on a simply splendid kill! We managed to finally kill Mag, after two weeks of gruuling attempts (see what I did there?). This is an exceptional feat for us, considering we had to deal with some AFKness due to a certain twinkie-stealing woman that barges into people's appartments unannounced! Here is a dramatization of the situation by Helghast.

All jokes aside, it's time to step up our game and set our sights on Lady Vashj. Please check the guild forums and donate the materials still needed for tank resist gear, and start thinking about what specs\gems\enchants are going to make the most of what you got. Play time is over.

P.S: It would be nice if people had the Trials of the Naaru: Magtheridon done this week. Groups for Shattered Halls will be organized, stay up to date on the forums.

Gruul the Dragonkiller slain!

Posted by Attacus on 26/03/2007.

Congratulations everyone on a nearly flawless Gruul kills. Although we were prepared for much worse, I am confident Gruul was going down no matter how he was tuned. The teamwork in this guild is making good progress with all the new people that have joined as of recently, and I am pleased to say things only look like they can improve.

A special thanks goes out to Droogan for making that kill especially possible, go fluorescent IMO, they are ftw. Thanks again.

Magtheridon is next, please make sure you all complete your trials of the Naaru over the next few days so we can get people attuned for The Eye as soon as he goes down.

Welcome to the new Pare Bellum portal

Posted by Attacus on 25/03/2007.

Like the caption says, this is the new Pare Bellum web portal. I spent the last couple of days getting it together, and it is far from finished. At least, for now, the website is functional.

If you have any technical issues concerning the website or any comments concerning it's design, please contact me in-game of leave me a PM on the forums (which I should be getting around to fixing up soon. A big thanks to Dan (Nightbane) for doing the research on the different forum engines. Thorough job. SMF is the way to go.).

Screenshots of the Gruul kill and future kills will obviously be posted here from now on, as well as recruitment status and bosskill videos (courtesy of Mirany).